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Soft U2F

In an effort to increase the adoption of FIDO U2F second factor authentication, we’re releasing Soft U2F: a software-based U2F authenticator for macOS.

MySQL infrastructure testing automation at GitHub

Our MySQL infrastructure is a critical component to GitHub. MySQL serves, GitHub’s API, authentication and more. Every git request touches MySQL in some way. We are tasked with keeping the data available, and maintaining its integrity. Even while our MySQL clusters serve traffic, we need to be able to perform tasks such as heavy duty cleanups, ad-hoc updates, online schema migrations, cluster topology refactoring, pooling and load balancing and more. We have the infrastructure to automate away such operations; in this post we share a few examples of how we build trust in our infrastructure through continuous testing. It is essentially how we sleep well at night.

DNS Infrastructure at GitHub

At GitHub we recently revamped how we do DNS from the ground up. This included both how we interact with external DNS providers and how we serve records internally to our hosts. To do this, we had to design and build a new DNS infrastructure that could scale with GitHub’s growth and across many data centers.

Integrating Git in Atom

The Atom team has been working to bring the power of Git and GitHub as close to your cursor as possible. With today’s release of the GitHub package for Atom, you can now perform common Git operations without leaving the editor: stage changes, make commits, create and switch branches, resolve merge conflicts, and more.

How Four Native Developers Wrote An Electron App

Today we released the new GitHub Desktop Beta, rewritten on Electron.

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