GitHub Engineering

DNS Infrastructure at GitHub

At GitHub we recently revamped how we do DNS from the ground up. This included both how we interact with external DNS providers and how we serve records internally to our hosts. To do this, we had to design and build a new DNS infrastructure that could scale with GitHub’s growth and across many data centers.

Integrating Git in Atom

The Atom team has been working to bring the power of Git and GitHub as close to your cursor as possible. With today’s release of the GitHub package for Atom, you can now perform common Git operations without leaving the editor: stage changes, make commits, create and switch branches, resolve merge conflicts, and more.

How Four Native Developers Wrote An Electron App

Today we released the new GitHub Desktop Beta, rewritten on Electron.

Enabling DNS split authority with OctoDNS

Building robust systems involves designing for failure. As Site Reliability Engineers at GitHub, we’re always on the lookout for places where redundancy can help to mitigate problems, and today we’ll be talking about steps we’ve recently taken to shore up how you locate our servers via DNS.

Open sourcing our Delegated Account Recovery implementation

In February, we shipped the “Recover Accounts Elsewhere” feature to help people regain access to their accounts if they lose access to their two-factor device or token. It is an implementation of the Delegated Account Recovery specification published by Facebook.

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